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The Free Agency Conundrum

The NFL offseason is in full swing with the free agency cranking up and the draft a few weeks away. What are some of the things we should watch for this offseason? Here is what I will be watching for.

With the salary cap just being announced at $182.5M. Several teams are over the salary cap and will need to make some tough decisions to get under the cap. Players are already being slapped with the franchise tag and solid players will be released. Teams will also need to decide how they are going to improve without going over the cap. Some of these questions have already been answered with players like John Johnson signing with the Browns. I don't think we will be surprised at some decision’s like Curtis Samuels signing with The Washington Football Team. With the likes of JJ Watt going to Arizona, we can the only imagine the other popular players that will be with new teams in 2021!

Other things that teams are dealing with, as they did last year, is not being able see potential draft picks in person. They will have to rely on their scout team to analysis players and zoom interviews to evaluate players. Having dealt with last year they should be well equipped to evaluate this year’s draftees.

And Let us not forget about the quarterback carousel! That has been the talk of this off season. With the blockbuster trade of Detroit’s Matthew Stafford to the Rams for Jared Goff, it has caused speculation of who is next to traded. Also there are older quarterbacks that are contemplating retirement and Drew Bees definitely shocked us all.

There is so much to watch for as we guess which teams will make a playoff run to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Superbowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a 42 year old quarterback who shows no signs of retiring anytime soon. I guess i'll get my popcorn ready like T.O. and keep pondering on the Stars...

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