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Why Top Prospects Should Attend The Draft!!!

Major sports has long been rich in draft tradition. Each sports draft has also evolved over time and that evolution can and has been marred with controversy. Especially in the NFL where the most coveted players are expected to make a choice of whether or not they will attend the draft and there lies controversy. One question the fan has is...."WHY?!!!". Why is there EVEN a choice in this? as a fan all the first round picks should be at the draft and here's the reason why. THEY ARE GETTING PAID MILLIONS once their name is called!!!... As a fan i want to see who my beloved team picks up on stage shaking hands with the commissioner. That also means the potential second round picks should attend in case there's a shake up. Lets add to the drama people (Are you rolling with me here?)! If not you will...

To those that say what about the families. Is it too much to ask that the immediate families attend too unless a said family member cannot participate due to illness or heath concern and in those cases that player without question should be excused and as fans we have to understand. This is directed to the "Healthy" entourage that wants to party at home. Go ahead and party at home but send my main man to the draft!!! The draft is good for the player so they can soak up everything the league is about to throw at them. And for the fan we get to bask in the glory of knowing our team did a great job in picking that one guy that might take us to the promised land or have us wallowing in the agony of defeat cause he can't get the job done.

Either way i want the player there and the player should want to be there. Why you ask? Because it just good business. Its good business for the player, the organization the player will soon be playing for, the league and most importantly the little guy in the audience or at home watching on television hoping (or not hoping) said player was the one to be selected so he or she can go out and buy that jersey fresh off the self at the local sports store to parade downtown in and tailgate like they never have before in anticipation of the season to come.

Also, Just think about this for a second. These leagues make millions so why can't some of that funding be used to ensure the immediate families are all in attendance to share in the joy of being selected to a league that they worked so hard to be a part of. As a fan i also want to see the families and all the slick clothing and hair dos and all the fan fair. It is after all a gala affair similar to the Grammy's and all the players are potential rock stars. And in the spirit of celebrating the joyous occasion, these players don't have to forget about the party at home...there's face-time and all the social media outlets that allow someone to share all the moments as they happen so the party at home can keep on going until the man of the hour gets home to get all the hugs and cries out with those that could not attend the ceremony itself.

I'll leave you with this final thought. As fans we love our sports and everything that comes along with it so players need to participate to the fullest is the point. Fans participate in everything as youths growing up so keep that tradition going and keep the tradition of the draft alive so the fan can enjoy the ride too. That's why the top prospect should attend the draft!...Plain and simple good ole fashioned tradition...

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