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Week 7 has arrived and the Browns are still very much alive!!!...In fact there’s nothing better after getting smacked in the chops and licking your wounds than going down to warm weather and playing the defenseless Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after having fired Mike Smith. I expect the offense to bounce back in a big way despite their deficiencies of depth on offense.

Ok, so let’s get the trade discussion out the way! The loss of Carlos Hyde is a topic that has left many Browns fans puzzled. To everyone I say fear not. The Dawgs are RB heavy and that 5th round pick will be way more valuable with Dorsey picking than a Sashi Brown pick... #Thinkaboutit ...The Duke of Cleveland and the Chubb-ster will be just fine. Especially this week against the Buccaneers (We’ll revisit that statement in Week 8 against the Steelers).

Then there’s the WR position. This position is so alarming with the lack of depth, it has me in a panic. With Gordon moved out, Higgins and Willies injured, the front office needs a power play here really soon at the position. Leave no stone un-turned (even the stones like Dez Bryant - Just flip it one more time for god sake) but be smart too. No need to be so desperate that they trade for or sign guys like Devante Parker, who are on the trade block. Thank god Dorsey hasn’t pulled any trades like that (players that have shown they are incapable of being elite and don’t want to be in Cleveland anyway). I honestly feel he wouldn't do that no matter how desperate the Browns are. Unless it’s a player from the division, like Breshad Perriman, where the browns can get playbook secrets in an effort to gain competing advantage in the division against a divisional opponent. There are some guys out there, like Terrelle Pryor, who are available and have had some success in Cleveland. He was recently released and has a 2 week injury... I must say it has to be a deeper issue than an injury or why release him (something doesn’t add up but who cares).

I myself hope they do get Pryor now (Ohhh how i miss this #11 in the Brown & orange - No offense Callaway cause I like you too lol). As the browns are starting / playing 4-5 rookies on Offense now...Mayfield, Chubb, Calloway, Ratley on 3rd down,etc. What that tells us is there is definitely a depth issue to address, so a veteran would help. I still don’t understand why Dorsey didn’t get a WR in the Jacksonville trade ( Sources do reveal the attempt was made). One of them (Moncrief or Cole) would have been a welcomed addition to the Dawg Pound Family...Good Grief!!!! Having said all that, I’m sure Dorsey has more tricks up his sleeve and there’s a bigger deal to be had. I’ll sit tight and reserve judgement for at that time. For now, the browns will have to do it with what they have and there’s still a good feeling. There’s tons of Browns Backers in Tampa and fans have traveled far and wide to see our Dawgs get a road win. Only thing left to do now is sing our beloved song before game-time, hope for the best, & prepare for a win !!!! HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO WOOF! WOOF!!!

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