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5 Weeks In...

Welp, 5 Weeks in and the surprises keep on coming. First, it appears the Browns are back. With a successful off-season (Free agent acquisitions and draft), a 2-2-1 start, & a close race for division supremacy, the city of Cleveland is starting to feel good again about screaming "Here We Go Brownies Here We Go...WOOF WOOF!!!".

One Thing that keeps me pondering about this season is the way in which the Browns are going about things. What a telling view having been on Hardknocks. I don't think I have ever been more intrigued, so invested in a team, for a seasons home opener than after having watched that show and having attended the training camps to see and ooh Yeah, had Baker Baker TD maker sign my shirt!!! (Thanks buddy boy...It means everything!!!).

One Thing that cannot be denied is the team playing for each other. That sentiment rings true when you see #80 throwing his passion for the game out all over the field. Mr.Landry you are "Contagious bruh!!!!"...The never quit attitude, Play your heart out mentality, is infecting the beloved city and everyone, even Vegas are all in on the Browns. @Juice_Landry keep Leading them Dawgs like only you can in this Dawgy Dawg World!!!...

Then we have the Fans...And I'll be honest, Browns Fans are crazy. The 20 starvation for a winning team seems like its on the verge of a new long lasting run of good times here in Cleveland. As fans we have a civic duty to uphold the Browns flag high and bark as loud as we can. Tickets are as low as i have ever seen them for great seating so jump on and check your brownies out while you can this year cause better believe the price hike will be in full affect mode come this off-season. Now is the time to get to First Energy at least once this year and what an entertaining game where you feel good about the team win or lose (when's the last time you said that...uhhh in the late 80's early 90's).

In the end i guess its not really surprising but instead a full circle tale of getting "All the right pieces in place" to turn around a franchise in disarray. And now that is seems the ship has be righted, we head into Week 6 against the Charges so be focused and vigilant as to why you love this years Browns team. All the fore-mentioned topics are true to opinion but the one thing that is tried and true is that CLE is home. And we stick by our teams no matter what. So to everyone out there reading, this is a Call to Cleveland (Dawg Operations are are moving forward like war time initiatives) and the Dawg Pound needs us all (#Linkinbio or Hit us up for your C.O.C.D.O tee so you can gear up for the Cleveland Browns and march on to victory...

Big B of A.S.E.365 Signing off

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