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Author: Big-B of A.S.E.365  

Owners - If you plan on protesting don’t come out the locker room... Players - “OK BOSS... you want me to bring you some Rhubarb Pie while I’m at it?” Can you feel the pain? It runs deep and the league is sharing it with us. The message the latest #NFL rule changes send is intolerable to say the least. The idea that someone who works for an organization cannot speak their mind nor express their feelings in front of their management is ludacris!!! What year are we really living in America - 2018 you say.... no way!!! Let me be clear and hopefully as poignant as possible in this next statement. “These are grown men that will now be forced to make a decision knowing the fundamental drivers for that decision are unfavorable and very flawed which is incredibly sad situation to live and work in.” Basically, stay quiet and get paid or speak out (protest) and be fired like your antagonist leaders...the choice is yours (You can get with this or you can get with that)!!! #Blacksheep 🤦🏾‍♂️ 

And then there’s the mainstream media that will portray any player not on the field as protesting the flag even if said player(s) are in the locker room for let’s say last minute physical treatment. Overall it’s a no win situation for the players that are constantly be made an example of for non-compliance of ownership values (now made policy). What a morality conundrum 🧐. 

To make matters interesting one particular owner who for the sake of this conversation will remain nameless (if you’re in tune to this topic you know who it is) says “He’ll pay all his players fines for protesting” and to that I say it’s all lies 🧐... the owners are going to do and say anything to reach that bottomline number!!!... it’s just smart business and he was smart to say he’ll pay the fines so he doesn’t loose his players... I’ll bet the statement went along the lines of ‘yeah guys I voted for the rules but it’s only to help your bottom line... not mine 🧐.’ It’s only a matter of time before some other owners say and do the same or something similar which creates a ticking time bomb waiting to happen 🕗🕜💣💥. Can anyone say Strike?..Just asking for a friend! Players remember the choice is yours!!! gotta fight for your right to Party (& protest). The Beastie Boys did it why shouldn’t you?... All players stay in the locker room then you won’t be fined and America should be ok with that since that is what America “supposedly asked” for. Right???...The team would be unified and not protesting the flag by doing so. Once it’s over come out and play. Based on the new rules that’s completely acceptable and the flag is taken out of the equation so we all can get back to enjoying football again. That’s a solution so don say I’m just complaining 🧐 At the end of the day when you hear and more importantly see video released today of Sterling Brown; the latest victim of police brutality who happens to be in the #NBA; in conjunction with other victims like him, America must realize that the protests we see are required to keep the dialogue going. The #NFL and all sports leagues must do a better job of making the fans aware that the players are the best platform for change, to help shape the future with so many of our youth watching. Anyone that can’t see that is missing the fundamental point of sports and constitutional plight of this country, which is people speaking their minds and coming together for the greater good! Surely we want good policies set forth by our managers, and more importantly, to have organizations align with good principals don’t we? Otherwise what’s the point of any of this?

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