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The Great Debate: RGIII or Anyone Else?!?!...

There’s a lot of talk about Robert Griffin III and his timely signing with the Baltimore Ravens. There are some that think Colin Kaepernick should be signed before Robert Griffin the 3rd...And to those we ask why... Both players have not played in a year. Neither player has shown that they can be great consistently... so let’s throw that comparison out the window... let’s look at it from the Ravens side...John Harbugh (Head Coach of the Ravens) claims “RG3 is a steal as a back up right now” after having what the Ravens organization claim to be a “great workout” and that was said knowing the Ravens front office would be going under oath to be questioned by Kaepernick’s legal team. Remember last year Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti “acknowledeged that the kneeling protests were a factor” in not signing Kaepernick...🤨. So with all this knowledge it seems the Ravens must like RG3 (We still love the acronym Robert ...don’t ever change that) and he is more than ready to “Play like a Raven” and an injury plagued start to his career; coming off the heels of being out for a year! The Ravens have their guy and they’re happy... so I guess theirs no debate because anyone else other than the RG3 or Kaepernick would be uncivilized... 🧐

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