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This strapless bandeau top WENDY, has soft side boning and a subtle gather to ensure comfortable support. The tie back looks gorgeous in a bow, perfect to get on and off with ease. Our custom metal trident clip, slides on & off giving the option to wear cinched in the centre front or not. The trident is a sacred symbol with the capacity to remove our many different negative qualities which inhibit us from being present. There is something so freeing about seamless bandeau bikinis... giving your shoulders and neck time off from straps perhaps. This style is perfect for poolside bronzing while showcasing shimmering shoulders and delicate charm necklaces.

This season is all about a touch of rustic... ‘SEA WASH’ is a Limited Edition dark navy, hand dyed using non toxic pigment... each piece is as unique as each wave that rolls onto shore... a swirl of unpredictable hues, including blue, green and brown for a shipwreck look. 

NOTE: Hand made pieces will vary in colour, tone and pattern from product images. Please email for images of exact pieces if colour is of concern.

Designed on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Handmade in the island of the gods, Bali.

Limited Edition | Wendy Top | Sea Wash

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